'Fringe' 'Worlds Apart': Closing doors and broken hearts


"Fringe," which was just renewed for Season 5, blew everyone away with "Worlds Apart." The bridge between the universe is closed! Lincoln (Seth Gabel) left for the other side to be with Fauxlivia (Anna Torv) and we said goodbye to all our alternates. Anyone else teary right now?It was all about David Robert Jones' (Jared Harris) plan to collapse the two universes and create a new one by using the Cortexiphan kids to start earthquakes with the power of their minds. The same cities were targeted in each universe and the gang realized that round three would destroy both of their worlds. The decision was made to collapse the bridge.So many moments were heartbreaking in the episode. Olivia trying to get through to her childhood friend who had been manipulated by Jones and failing. The moment Lincoln decides to cross over. (Oh god, what does that mean for next season? There is only one Lincoln...



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