'The Good Wife' finale: Season 4 could see a lot of changes


Wow. What an incredible season finale to "The Good Wife." It could've easily been titled "Things Fall Apart" for Lockhart/Gardner, but the ending left a lot of hope for Season 4 in regards to both Kalinda and the Florricks.Case of the WeekLouis Canning and Patti Nyholm have teamed up to use a class action case to not only fish for information into Will's grand jury investigation, but also to destroy Lockhart/Gardner for their clients. It all turns out to be a smoke screen, however - their real ploy was to be such a distraction to the firm that they could poach Patrick Edelstein, the "Facebook" guy, without whom Lockhart/Gardner is in a world of hurt financially.The case did bring out one very interesting development - Peter was deposed and admitted on the record to his and Alicia's separation so that no wrong-doing could be cast upon her or L/G in regards to Peter's meeting with...



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