'Girls' recap: Episode 3

You know how when you think back to your favorite shows and it's like the characters were people in your life at that time? "Girls" hit that characters-to-people stride this week. All four of the girls clicked into place in the third episode.Hannah: When Hannah gets an HPV diagnosis, she blames her current booty call, Adam. When he demands an apology for the accusation, she -- decked out in the previous night's 11-year-old junkie role-play makeup, sweatshirt and underwear -- immediately caves then pathetically asks, "Well, are you still going to have sex with me?" And while everyone at home rolled their eyes and shook their heads in embarrassment for her, he spits back, "When the time is right."When her search for the HPV origin leads back to her college boyfriend, Elijah, things get really good. She tells him that she isn't there to retread old territory emotionally (but that she is open to it physically). Oh, the treading will be all emotional, Hannah. Elijah tells her he is dating a guy.  Read More...

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