'Mad Men' Season 5 Episode 507 'At the Codfish Ball': Summer in the city


In what continues to be "Mad Men's" season of the women (aka Season 5), three of the show's female favourites -- Megan (Jessica Paré), Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) and Sally (Kiernan Shipka, finally returning to the timeline after a noted absence) learn a tough lesson about the world: It's dirty. One is accepting, one resigned and one usettled.The AcceptingPeggy is a complicated character. Amidst all of her ambitious angst and banter with Rizzo and Ginsberg, it's easy to forget that this is a woman who comes from a deeply religious Catholic family and just a few short years ago gave birth to a child fathered by her co-worker, Pete Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser). Like most good lapsed Catholics, she's got major issues with guilt and self-esteem. So much so that while she was momentarily blinded enough to believe that Abe was on the cusp of a marriage proposal, she quickly assimilated his (to her mind) lesser offer...



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