Girls Recap: Robyn Heals All Wounds

This episode was the funniest and most true installment of Girls yet. Dunham & Co. spent the first two episodes laying groundwork, and now that we know the ladies (yes, Jessa, you too are one of "the Ladies"), we can really get down to the funny business. One conversation I’ve had a lot in recent weeks is whether or not Girls is actually a comedy, which is something that I didn’t actually think was up for debate. Is something not a comedy simply because it devoted an entire episode to a would-be abortion? Please. It may be a layered, complicated comedy, a comedy shot through with genuine pathos and anxiety and even sadness, but it is a comedy nonetheless.

The two minutes before the title card flashed onscreen made me laugh approximately six times. Charlie has shaved his head (in support of a cancer-stricken co-worker — how sensitive of him), and the look on Marnie’s face is reason enough for people to shut up about her being Brian Williams’s daughter. Hannah has tarted herself up for Adam by dressing like Craft-era Fairuza Balk and she, Marnie, and Charlie have a quick exchange around their dining room table that felt as tightly written as any moment of Friends. What I mean to say is that for the first time, the show felt completely locked in, with no one wasting any time on getting-to-know-you dialogue (Jessa’s cataloguing of her recent travels, for example). This scene alone made me giddy with anticipation for the rest of the season. I may have clapped. Read More...


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