Mad Men 5.07 "At the Codfish Ball" Review

Expectations and reality don't always match and Mad Men shows that while you can sell beans using three generations, this can also demonstrate the harsh reality of growing up. Advertising in one respect is all about making the consumer want an ideal; to strive for something better rather than just settling for the first easy option; it is about desire and aspiration. This episode shows through the various generations that there are certain things that don't necessarily live up to how we pictured them, but this can be something positive if we just try to get beyond how we think things should be.

After last week's unhappy ending for Megan (Jessica Paré) and Don (Jon Hamm) the pair seems stronger; on the home front as Megan's parents are come to stay and at work where they demonstrate that they make a rather good team. Don is certain that Megan's father Emile (Ronald Guttman) dislikes him; Emile has strong socialist political beliefs. Megan's mother Marie (Julia Ormond) seems much more taken with Don, but this appears to be in a superficial flirtatious way; to make her husband jealous, to compete with her daughter or just to feel something? Don is out of his depth with dealing with Megan's family when they start speaking/arguing in French and even though he has a 'teach yourself French' book it is clear that there is little of their discussion that he understands beyond the tone and intonation. Read More...


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