'The Killing' question lingers: Is it a man or a woman behind the murder of Rosie Larsen?


"5,000. I want my money or I'll tell your wife."It was this text that said so much in so little, and twisted the story even more in Sunday's (April 29) episode of AMC's "The Killing."A few records get set straight right off the bat on the latest episode. This means, of course, that many others get opened (or reopened). Last week left off with the revelation that Stan Larsen (Brent Sexton) was not the real father of Rosie, and accordingly, this week begins with Detective Linden (Mireille Enos) confronting him about it. The discussion does not make it far, however, as Stan doesn't know who Rosie's dad is, only that his wife Mitch (Michelle Forbes) had an affair while they were temporarily split up during their courtship. He tells Linden that somewhere, perhaps buried in Mitch's mysterious shoebox Rosie often dug through, the answer could be found.The affair between Terry (Jamie Ann Allman) and Michael...



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