Game of Thrones Recap: Brother Against Brother

And then there were four.

We’ve reached the halfway point of season two, and suddenly there’s one fewer king clashing for the Iron Throne. Melisandre’s smoke monster kicked off the episode by blowing into Renly’s tent and — with Catelyn and Brienne watching in horror — skewering the jolliest contender like a smoked ham. Thankfully for those of us who’ve been feeling gore-fatigued lately, Renly’s death was relatively quick, allowing us to focus on the far more interesting point of Brienne’s wild, berserker grief.

Catelyn tells Brienne — as Margaery and Littlefingerwill tell a red-eyed Loras in the following scene — that she can’t avenge her beloved if she’s dead and urges Brienne to flee with her after the big gal kills a pair of guardsmen in self-defense. The two set off, Thelma and Louise–style, forming a feminine counterpart to the muscle/brains duo of Bronn and Tyrion. (There must be a healthy legion of Bronn-ienne shippers out there, right?) Read More...


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