Community “Course Listing Unavailable” Review

After last week’s brilliant installment of Community ended with a shocking cliffhanger, "Course Listing Unavailable" began by confirming everybody’s suspicions: Starburns was indeed killed in a meth labexplosion.

I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the revelation at the end of last week’s episode, as it seemed like such a strange turn for the show to make. I’ve sometimes criticized Community in the past for dabbling a bit too much in drama. I’m not against the idea of a comedy having a couple dramatic beats, but sometimes I felt like it comes at the expense of laughs a little too often.

Anyway, tonight was a pretty big episode! Following Alex "Starburns" Osbourne’s untimely death at the end of last week’s episode, Professor Kane is too shaken up by the events to continue teaching, so he quits the course and everybody in it is given an incomplete. Ignoring the fact that this is definitely not how this situation would be handled in real life, the study group (Or "Greendale Seven" as they have come to be called) starts a revolt at Starburns’ memorial. The dean relinquishes his control to Chang and his army, and they proceed to pepper spray and terrorize the attendants. We then see a disciplinary committee expel the Greendale Seven from school for starting the riot, even though all they did was sit peaceably at the table when everybody else was rioting. Again, I’ll ignore the fact that this would never happen in real life and move on. Read More... 


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