The Office “Turf War” Review

Was I the only one experiencing déjà vu while watching tonight’s episode of The Office? The major plot line in "Turf Wars" features Andy impulsively starting up his own "Big Red Paper Company" in an effort to steal one of Dunder-Mifflin-Sabre’s major clients, Prestige. Back in season 5, after Michael Scott walked out on Dunder-Mifflin, he also started up his own paper company, The Michael Scott Paper Company. Although the stories weren’t exactly identical, they’re so similar that it’s hard to understand why a decision was made to take Andy’s arc in this direction.

Andy was around when Michael started up his paper company, so I would have expected Andy to see a little irony in the fact that he was continuing to follow in Michael’s footsteps in his post-Dunder-Mifflin-Sabre experience. It might have helped this story line feel less like a repeat if Andy had at least mentioned that the paper company scheme almost worked for Michael before. Instead, the similarities were ignored and we were expected to treat this as a novel idea. Read More... 


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