The Real Housewives of New Jersey Recap: Vegas and Diets

I’d like to start off with a note to the network: Not bravo, Bravo. Not bravo. I’m very disappointed in you. If I’ve learned one lesson after all of my fandom, it’s that the most important rule in reality television is to show, not tell. That being understood, why have I sat through three solid seasons of New Jersey, starting on my fourth, only to have one of the greatest scenes of all time told to me through unattributed voice-overs and exteriors?

This has been the worst Rashomoning of a subject since Rashomon, which I’ve never even seen, preferring instead to throw Rashomon around as a term to make it seem as though I have. I am talking, of course, of the alleged incident of one Joe Guidice busting chops on the topic of height to one Richie Wakile, who responded with a challenge of a standoff and was met with an apparent attempted ball-squeezing. Read More...


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