The Good Wife Recap: Kalinda’s Got a Gun

So we come to the end of our troubled season three. Do we feel enlightened? No. I’m mad. All I wanted was some payoff, a badass resolution of tension on the level of Will and Alicia’s red light, red light, green light, go elevator ride to ecstasy. Now, that was a way to end a season.

This was so inconclusive that my friend who was watching with me couldn’t even believe it was a finale. I don’t blame her. Instead, we have to settle for one amazing and two pretty intriguing cliff-hangers, and the second-best elevator scene ever on a show in which the elevator is like some magical chamber pumped with truth gas, where all the best confrontations and confessions must take place.

That image of Kalinda cocking her gun and defiantly sitting in wait for the terrifying man darkening her doorstep is enough to make me excited for season four. But I’m bothered that almost all of the 22 episodes this season felt like a flawed and aimless run-up to what will essentially be a reboot of the stuff that actually worked way back in seasons one and two. Was this season really as confused as memory serves? Well, dear readers, I have endured the considerable pain that is reading back through my old recaps, to try to break down the good and the bad. But we’ll get to that much later. Let’s start with what went mostly right in this slightly lackluster season finale. Read More...


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