How I Met Your Mother Recap: Labor Day

Marshall’s last cigarette! There were so many callbacks in last night’s episode, which ushered us somewhat swiftly along to one of the season’s climactic events (the birth of Baby Eriksen). But the most touching was Marshall’s smoking. It’s odd to phrase it like that, but season five’s "Last Cigarette Ever" was a strangely poignant half-hour, an example of what HIMYM can do with small details. The conclusion of that episode showed the gang on the roof, allegedly smoking their final cigarette, while Future Ted informed us when each of them quit for good. For Lily, it was the day she started trying to get pregnant and for Marshall, it was the day his son was born.

So the baby is on the way, but before Lily went into labor, the boys struggled with some serious neuroses. Barney continued to object to Quinn’s stripping, Ted tried unsuccessfully to get over Robin, and Marshall deprived himself of sleep in order to prepare for fatherhood. The baby shower was mercifully skipped as a plot point and mainly referred to in the context of Ted and Robin: Both showed up with the same expensive stroller, but Robin arrived hours early while Ted came after it was long over. (Fine for the story line, but a little shitty as far as friends go.) Grandma Lois, who once unwittingly presented Lily with a dildo at her wedding shower, returned, only to get an earful from a defensive Barney about Quinn’s line of work. The writers haven’t invested much in actress Becki Newton’s character — she seems consistently amused by Barney’s discomfort, which itself is a sudden turnabout. Only a few episodes ago, the pair preemptively pranked his friends for being so judgmental about her profession. Now she’s referred to casually as "Barney’s new stripper girl." Read More...


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