Mad Men: "At the Codfish Ball"--An Expert Opinion

"Don't EVER grow up to be like me."

I have settled into a habit this season, one that I suspect is not unknown to fellow viewers, but certainly is unknown to viewers of any other show—I don’t look up the title of a Mad Men episode until long after the show is over.

The importance of titles to Mad Men is another facet of Matthew Weiner’s literary leanings. Sure every television series’ episodes are titled, but few carry the same kind of weight, provide deeper insight, or allow for profitable rumination than this one—similar post-episode homework on a show like The Big Bang Theory may yield passing wisdom into certain strains of scientific supposition, none more eye-opening than the paradox of a show about "smart" people that is so staggeringly stupid (And cartoonish. And vapid. Don’t forget profoundly and unforgivably laugh-free. And yet, somehow, self-satisfied.) Read More...


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