Fairly Legal “Ripple of Hope” Review – Kate and Ben Did What???

You know, I’m starting to think I should keep track of the amount of TV shows that have made me throw out the entire book of notes I write throughout the episode because of something they do in the last minutes.

If I did have such a list, tonight’s episode of Fairly Legal, called "Ripple of Hope," would be right on top. Why? Well, because I was ready to go on and on about how I thought they were doing a great job at drawing Ben out as a character. This guy that I wasn’t sure I liked when they first introduced him, the jerk that annoyed the heck out of Kate (and yes, even me sometimes); within the past few episodes they’ve slowly started to peel back the layers and we’ve seen that there’s more to him than just he pompous ass we met in the beginning. Read More...



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