Grimm “Happily Ever Aftermath” Review – No Glass Slippers Here!

While Grimm has given us their version of many fairy tale creatures, there really haven’t been episode that focused primarily on a well known story. That changed this week in "Happily Ever Aftermath" whenGrimm decided to put its own spin on Cinderella.

Lucinda and Arnold have been married a little over a year. They have a huge house, nice cars, and what is obviously a ton of money. However it turns out that Arnold has lost most of their money and under the advice of Lucinda’s stepfather, Spencer, decides to go to Lucinda’s wealthy step-mother for a loan.

The step mother says no, and later that night, winds up dead by this crazy bat… thing. The bat lets out a high pitched sound that not only breaks anything made of glass within a few feet, but it also liquefies your eyes and makes you bleed from the ears. Overall, death by giant bat is not a pretty death. Nick and Hank are called the scene with Lucinda’s step sister finds the body of her dead mother. Read More... 


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