In Plain Sight “All’s Well That Ends” Review

The title of the final episode of In Plain Sight was "All’s Well That Ends Well." Indeed, everything did end well for the characters that we’ve watched for five seasons – even if it was not the ending viewers wanted.

The episode picked up with Marshall ditching a meeting with Abigail and their minister to help Mary makefuneral arrangements for her father. Not good. After exhibiting patience that would rival Job, Abigail finally demands that Marshall figure out what is going on between him and Mary. Despite five years of will they or won’t they tension, the partners extinguished all hope for a romantic future in less than 60 seconds. Given the reluctance of Mary McCormack and Fred Weller to have their respective characters end up in a more than platonic relationship, it was not a huge shock that Mary "released" Marshall to be with Abigail. In the real world, I’m not sure that something so complex could be dealt with so easily and there was no real acknowledgment of the extent to which Mary shared Marshall’s feelings. Always the protector, I assumed that if Mary had romantic feelings for Marshall she would put them to the side so that he could be happy with Abigail. I actually found it to be a little bittersweet that by releasing Marshall, Mary would no longer be able to call on him outside of work. Obviously they will remain friends but after that rooftop conversation, it is clear that things would never be the same. Mary’s decision to invite theCougar Town guy to the dinner with her family and colleagues at the end was a good sign that Mary would not be alone but I’m still a little disappointed in how things ended. The resolution of Marshall and Mary felt true to In Plain Sight, but what the hell you’re ending the series for good – shake things up a bit. I did not think we’d actually see Mary and Marshall in a relationship but I was hopeful that Abigail would be sent packing by the end so that we could have been left wit the suggestion of a Mary/Marshall romantic pairing. Oh well. Read More... 


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May 7, 2012 11:44PM EDT

You managed to get the title wrong. Furthermore, a review is not a synopsis. It was time to end the series along with the annoying baby, there were too many romantic contenders for an obviously over weight and semi disinterested female lead.

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