Nurse Jackie “One-Armed Jacks” Review

This week’s edition of Nurse Jackie featured some of the best that the show has to offer. All of the emotional pangs struck the right chords, and we had some of the strongest workplace comedy fun we’ve had since the season started.

This week’s big emotional hit came from Kevin. His presence was all over this episode without him even appearing once onscreen. Despite Jackie’s best attempts to reconcile with her estranged husband, Kevin decides to serve her with divorce papers. The scene with the server is funny, but not nearly as funny as watching Jackie stuff her face with pumpkin pie. At least she went with pie instead of pounding down a Jameson double as she originally intended. Watching Jackie deal with the emotional fallout throughout the episode was really well done. At the end with the jumper from the bridge, the show simultaneously makes you feel pain for the jumper and Jackie. Sadly, we know that Jackie isn’t exactly blameless in her sadness. Read More... 


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