The Big C “Face Off” Review

Well, this happened pretty fast. Cathy and Paul have gone from having heart attacks, cancer, flipping off their boss, writing blog posts and generally behaving like selfish jerks to hosting a pregnant couple to try to adopt their child. I’m not sure if I’m supposed to be rooting for Cathy to get this baby or not. It’s a weird place to put the television viewer. Clearly, it doesn’t matter what we really think because Cathy is going to get the baby that she just decided she wanted 37 seconds ago. I’ll admit that it takes the show to an interesting place. Given the new dynamic with Adam in the house, it’s going to be interesting to see what effect the new addition to the house will have on the relationship.

One disappointing part of the season is what they have done with Sean. He’s one of the more dynamic characters on the show, yet he doesn’t have anything to do this season besides run his gay phone sex line. It can be amusing at times, but it’s tough to not see how they are marginalizing him this year. He was a much more engaging character when he was squabbling with his sister back in season one. There’s still time for him this season, but if the phone sex line is his only arc, then he may want to start updating his resume. Read more... 


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