Once Upon a Time “An Apple Red as Blood” Review

Tired of being just passive-aggressive, not to mention sick of seeing her prized apples rot, Regina decided to do something about her Emma problem once and for all in "An Apple Red as Blood," this week’s episode of Once Upon a Time. Meanwhile in Fairy Tale Land, Snow and friends battled to save Charming after the King handed him over to the Evil Queen. I’m not quite certain when Regina figured out who Emma is, but I’m assuming it happened at some point and I’m just not remembering it off the top of my head. It’s been a long season, folks.

For a penultimate episode, quite a lot happened. Bent on keeping the curse in place, Regina figured out a way to bring magic to the real world. She sacrificed her ring, the last piece she had of her lover, in order to fuel Jefferson’s hat long enough to reach into the Enchanted Forest and grab a poisoned apple. She then sliced it up, added cinnamon and baked a coma-inducing turnover meant to eliminate the people’s savior forever. Read More...



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