Is it just me, or is the new Scrubs kickin ass!?

At first, I was contemplating whether or not the new Scrubs was worth my time, but being a TRUE Scrubs fan, I knew even if people told me it was garbage, I would still watch it.

But boy was I suprised! (In a good way)

When I saw J.D. on the first few seconds of the screen, I knew from that second, the writers have made the best decision. From all the news of how JD was going to be written of the show, I was scared I would never get to see "Sally" or "Ashley again (hehehe). But as soon as the show started, and I heard those familiar tunes that begin each show, my heart went back to beating. The writers new that we would need A LOT of time to let go of JD but still smoothly introduce us to the new characters joining the show.

Here are my thoughts about the NEW characters:

Drew Suffin: a.k.a. Dr. Cox's Numba 1. Is it just me or can you see this bad boy hookin up with every girl in the hospital? But you can't hate him, can you? Especially him being #1 on Dr. Cox's list...and let's face it, when do we ever disagree with Dr. Cox!? I'll leave you with this one question, what happens when bad boy Drew meets good girl Lucy?

Lucy Bennet: Three words: I. Love. Her! Although at first I was annoyed that she might turn out as the female JD (which might happen) I started liking this girl when her "daydreams" were actually quite funny. I would'nt be mad if she became the new JD after all...

Cole Aaronson: Oh. My. Damn. Can you say, STUD? I'm lovin the cocky my-parents-can-fire-you character this show has brought in! and hey, I can't complain about his looks either! So far I don't have any predictions as to what this boy is gonna get into, and Im liking that.

Few questions to my readers:

Where did my Puerto Rican, uh excuse me, Dominican, nurse Carla go?

And are we going to see more Elliot?

Is it just me or do you UTTERLY mis Janitor? :(

Please comment on your thoughts on my review, its my first!

and vote for me! hahah.




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Dec 4, 2009 5:39PM EST

really miss the janitor

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Dec 4, 2009 7:16PM EST

Sadly, Carla is off the show. They felt as though they couldn't work her in as a regular character and Judy Reyes wasn't interested in doing periodic guest appearances. Elliot will be appearing here and there, but not too much...
Nice review, though I thought the Cole character was a little so over the top that it was more obnoxious than endearing. Also, trivia tidbit...did you realize that the guy who plays Cole - Dave Franco - is James Franco's brother?

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Dec 4, 2009 10:44PM EST

Kind of loving the new Scrubs too!I was reticent to watch it especially after the near perfect finale of the last series but it is really punching above its weight. Its funny and fresh with just the right amount of the old peppered in to keep us all from hating it. Unlike previous new interns who were just so annoying it was painful when they had air time I'm liking this lot (so far)
However, I do agree with RachelL that the cole character is more obnoxious that endearing, I only hope that they can open his character out and he doesn't become onther The Todd. No one like a one trick pony and whilst it worked for The Todd there was something niave there that I dont think Cole has.
Great review tho!
P.s.loving the fun fact for fun fact fans trivia tidbit! :D I love finding out whose related to who! :D

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