Glee Recap: Just Stick to Singing Teenagers

Hey, remember the time Glee had an episode about domestic violence and called it "Choke"? We'll get to that in a second.

First, let's talk about what might have been. The episode opened with old-school a cappella backup music, a Rachel Berry voice-over, and a Rachel Berry elliptical workout (the first one we've seen since "Vitamin D" in season one, I think — a nice throwback). And had this been a season one episode of Glee, Kurt and Rachel's audition dilemma would've been the week's assignment: play it safe, or push yourself? They would have debated and rehearsed and auditioned and Kurt would have done well and Rachel would have done poorly and that would have been the entire episode and it would've been totally fine. But that's not what Glee does anymore. Read More...


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