Cougar Town Recap: Making Out and Making Up

This week’s episode found the Cul-de-Sac Crew accepting Holly, baby Tampa’s mom, into the fold with varying degrees of reluctance and kissing. Now that we know her a little better, we can see that she’ll probably fit in just fine; like everyone else on Cougar Town, she's occasionally despicable and dim, but in a way that’s meant to be lovable. This often works well (Laurie, Bobby), but this week, loving some of these people felt an awful lot like a chore.

It starts because Holly has fallen into the habit of cajoling Jules into girl-bonding time over tequila shots when she stops by to pick up or drop off Tampa. Jules, never one to turn down her own booze, doesn’t enjoy these chats and tries to get her friends to invent a "thing" they all have to go to in order to get out of it. Naturally, everyone else bails, even Ellie, who seems like someone who would ordinarily shut a ditzy outsider out at all costs. It used to be that she only enjoyed the suffering of her enemies — now that high isn’t enough. Read More...


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