'Glee' Recap: 'Choke'

It was finally NYADA Day on "Glee"! So many internal monologues and tense conversations between Kurt and Rachel have led up to this very moment, and Ms. Rachel Berry was ready. There was no way she could choke now.

Wait. The episode was called "Choke"? She's probably going to choke.

But before that all happened, there were a few more obligatory storylines to get through.

Puck hasn't had anything to do in a while, but in this latest episode, he got a whole subplot to himself. With graduation looming, Noah Puckerman was coasting to a cap and gown. Always the concerned friend, Finn overheard him tell a sophomore that "gowns are for ladies, and tassels are for strippers." Puck was serious about graduating, but it was going to take passing his European geography exam to get him to the podium. A little canoodling with his geography teacher didn't help, as she resisted his mohawked charms, so he channeled his rage into the Alice Cooper classic "School's Out." Read More...



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