The Legend of Korra Review: Episodes 3 and 4; Amon's Rebellion Grabs Attention

With The Legend of Korra debuting two weeks ago, I thought I'd take a while before diving back into it. I read through my own reviews and realised that my childish excitement may have been taking over a little bit. A lot in fact. But in my defence, it is a good show, in it's early days; very much on its own road to greatness.

Episode 3 continued the early habit of developing the world except it brought a much more important element to the show than the world they live in. It brought the villain, the main antagonist, and it brought him in hard. Amon, leader of the Equalists, is a villain worthy of striking fear into both the characters and in fact the audience. He steals Bending powers, changing lives in an instant. It's precisely what a villain in the world of Avatar Korra needs. A skill previously thought only to be performed by the Avatar, Amon poses a very serious threat to all of the Benders in Republic City. Read More...


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