'Survivor: One World': Kat the teenage witch vs. Sabrina


We've been reading the comments from you, dear readers, regarding the "Survivor: One World" season. It's interesting that people think it's boring - is it just because there isn't some Alpha male dominating the game? Is it because Kim's a woman and she's been expertly manipulating both the men and women to do her bidding? We wonder.Post TribalAlicia is worried about Sabrina, who is a smart cookie, and starts to wonder if they should keep Christina around because nobody will vote for her to win. Uh, duh. I can't believe it took you so long to see that.Sprint Reward ChallengeIt's the Sprint Loved Ones by Sprint challenge from Sprint. Does it involve an actual sprint? It should. Interestingly, none of the women's loved ones are husbands or partners. Are they all single? That's rare on "Survivor." But Tarzan's wife is there, so that's cool. Sabrina awesomely says she's playing for herself and Tarzan because he...



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