America's Next Top Model 18.09 "Barney Cheng" Review

Can we talk about how Laura is just the worst?

All cycle long, I rode Kyle for how vacant her modeling was and the obnoxious praise she got for being a pretty typical Midwestern white girl, but Laura, that little devil, snuck past me. Of course, she had moments of being a bit of a spaz, seemed to be trying a bit too hard, and didn't appear to be emotionally ready for primetime, but she brought some energy to cycle 18 of Top Model and I liked that. Plus, she turned it out on more than one occasion, which is the ultimate cure-all for most reality show ails. If you do what you're supposed to do (and do it well), a little hiccup in likability can be written off, though not entirely excused. Ironically, though, it took Kyle's last episode for the veil to be lifted and Laura's bitchiness to be broadcast in HD, a nasty, snotty attitude that you hoped was just the product of stress, competitiveness, and lack of sleep. Read More...


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