Revenge Review: Absolute Catastrophe

"Absolution"  flew by so fast I've considered suing for whip lash. Last week's episode had me thinking that Emily finding out about her father's murder was the big revelation. While it was certainly important, there were plenty more to follow.

We'll start with Declan and the continuation of his betrayal of Charlotte.  You'd think that calling her a lying pill popper on the stand would have been enough, but no.  Declan rats her out at school too. He said it was for her own good but I'm not convinced. Was it because he saw her popping pills or that she was cozying up to her sleazy ex while she did them?

But it was about time Charlotte's parents started to recognize her existence again. Conrad asked Daniel to take care of his little sis and Victoria actually spent some time telling the girl about David Clarke. Read More...


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