The Simpsons “The Spy Who Learned Me” Review

Based on the title of this week’s episode of The Simpsons and the show beginning with a spy movie, Iwondered if this would be one of those rare episodes where the first 30-90 seconds would actually be related to the rest of the episode. It’s amazing how often this happens but because it is funny, I take no issue with it.

Thanks to a workplace accident, Homer received an 8-week paid reprieve from work. The prospect of the unexpected vacation was only sweetened by Homer being smart enough not to share this news with his family, as they were in full-on nag mode. Homer’s concussion caused the character (voiced by Brian Cranston) from the spy film to appear as a hallucination determined to make Homer irresistible to Marge. Interestingly, we learned that imaginary friends can see other imaginary friends and that Lenny’s imaginary companion is Mr. Snuffleupagus. We also learned that a lime, not a lemon, stops a gun-wielding jealous boyfriend from attacking you. Read More... 


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