Eureka “Friendly Fire” Review

With the safe return of (most of) the Astraeus crew, this week’s Eureka focuses on how they are adjusting to life back home. Part of that process involves some couples facing the truth of what happened in the Dreamland/Matrix, and its not something everyone wants to go through willingly. Yet when the going gets hot, will Carter and the team be able to put aside their differences and save the town from another potential catastrophe?

This Too Shall Pass

Everyone in Eureka is coming to terms with what happened to the Astraeus crew in Dreamland, and its hard because not everyone knows exactly what happened in the Matrix. This leads to some pretty heavy trust issues between the main couples and is starting to become a wedge between friends. Then there’s poor Fargo who is still coming to terms with Holly’s loss, including having to attend GD’s mandated Bereavement counseling. While the bunny therapy doesn’t really help Fargo, the grief counselors do have a patch that will let him speed through the five stages of grief leading to some bizarre behavior. Read More... 


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