House “Post Mortem” Review

Only three episodes left, folks! That’s approximately 126 minutes until there’s absolutely no more newHouse episodes for the rest of time! 126 minutes! That’s shorter than some movies!

Well, thankfully "Post Mortem" got off to a pretty interesting start with a brief cameo by Robocop himself, Peter Weller playing the Dr. Stanza. Weller was also the director for this episode, and it’s interesting that the House producers are letting a guest star (and relatively inexperienced director) take the helm for the third to last installment. Not that it matters for most people watching, as just about every episode of House feels the same, but it’s peculiar nonetheless.

I’ve made it very clear in previous episode reviews how indifferent I am about the patients of the week at this point in the series, but with that being said I thought it was a cool idea to have the patient actually come from inside the hospital. Peter Treiber is a bitter and self-absorbed doctor down in the morgue who has a hobby of criticizing and insulting the doctors who get their patients killed and sent down to him. It was an interesting facet of the hospital hierarchy to explore, as we never really think about the guy who sees all of the mistakes of the doctors upstairs. Read More... 


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