Castle “Always” Review – Wow! What an Ending!

If you put a gun to my head earlier this year and made me try to predict all the various ways that I thought this season of Castle would end, I NEVER would have come up with what happened in the last few minutes of tonight’s finale, called (of course) "Always."

Tonight was one of those episodes where there was very little funny and a whole lot of serious and I must say that I loved every single solitary minute of it. Any hour of TV that ends with me crying usually gets my vote but this one went above and beyond.

The show starts with a murder as it always does but things get interesting when they discover that the man who died had just broken into Montgomery’s apartment. Not only that, but he was hired by someone to break into the apartment and steal Montgomery’s old case files. When things start to point in very dangerous directions (like Kate’s shooting and her mother’s death), Castle gets a warning that he needs to pull her off the case. But of course Kate wants nothing to do with it. Even when he tells her the entire truth about everything he knows and why he’s fighting her so hard, she still doesn’t want to listen. Read More... 


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