Smash “Previews” Review

For once, the teasers following last week’s episode of Smash painted a very accurate picture of thedrama that would unfold in tonight’s episode. "Previews" opened with Dev and Ivy waking up in bed together after a night of regrettable drinking.

Last week, Karen had been complaining about Dev being too clingy. She was upset with him for showing up unannounced and she was angry that he proposed to her during tech. Tonight, the minute Dev stops chasing after her, she begins to wonder where he’s been. She obsesses over why he’s not responding to her texts, she becomes a clingy girlfriend.

I couldn’t understand how the "tech" period had been too stressful a time for Karen to deal with Dev, but during the previews (which were essentially a set of full dress tech rehearsals in front of test audiences) she had plenty of time to fret about Dev’s whereabouts. Read More... 


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