Honor Role Episode 8

In this week's episode of Rookie Blue Traci and Dov go to a high school full of sociopath schoolgirls, Andy and Chris stand up to some corrupt cops and Swarek beats the crap out of Luke!

The storyline at the high school was kind of stupid. The girls who went there strutted up to poor Traci and told her she looked ugly in her outfit (oh snap!). It also ended pretty abruptly without much of a conclusion. One of the young bitchy girls has a seizure from diet pills and another girl confesses to giving them to her-- END. I wish there had been a tiny bit more closure. Also, Traci says that high school was rough for her because she was a pregnant teen. Is it just me or does Leo look like he's like 3 years old. How old is Traci supposed to be? Like 20?

Andy and Chris don't get to speak at a high school and instead drive around and pass this guy who's been practically beaten to death by a cop! This storyline totally bored me. Although I like that Chris tried to do the right thing. And I LOVED that Gail took her brother's side. I completely despise her so I'm glad that by following her brother she basically broke up with Chris. He can do so much better.

But really, who even cares about any of that when there's the aftermath of last week's make out session with Andy and Sam to think about?! It was so cute when Swarek came into the office with an extra coffee for Andy and the other officer was like "I think you're in love!". Until stupid Luke came up and ruined everything! I said before that they aren't doing enough cute bits between the two. But this week there were quite a few. Although Swarek beating Luke like a weirdo was not so cute. I think he went a little overboard and that was quite a turnoff. Oh well though. He's still awesome. I was so happy when Andy was at the cottage and clearly still thinking about Swarek! So cute! I just wish Luke would fall off a cliff or something.

It'd say 8/10 for this week's episode. I hope they keep up the steady stream of Andy/Sam cute bits!


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