American Idol Recap: Britpop, But Not Really

Tonight, I’m coming to you live from the Idoldome! Where, for the 45 minutes between when you’re supposed to get there and when the warm-up guy starts working the crowd, the Stave Oval projects a static image of an overcast sky. I immediately understand the numerous audience yawns I’ve spotted this season. Still, we are in the VIP area, tantalizingly close to Nancy Grace and the guy Pam almost married on The Office. Can you stand it?

There are two themes: The sixties, and "Britpop," which can’t mean actual Britpop, but hope springs eternal. And our mentor is Steven Van Zandt, whose primary job here is to goof around with Jimmy Iovine like your dad does with his friend from college. Hollie’s up first with "River Deep, Mountain High." Steven and Jimmy counsel her to stop worrying about entertaining the crowd, which seems like horrible advice, but it works! She is looser than she’s ever been, her pitch is mostly on point, and the live crowd loves her. She’s back! (Or: here for the first time!) The judges love it. Skylar runs out to hug her as soon as we go to commercial. They’re really friends! Read More...


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