Hot and Bothered

Last night's episode of Rookie Blue was definitely a step up.

The show keeps being compared to Grey's anatomy but we're seven episodes in and I still know nothing about these characters! The writers have an entire hour to fill and yet the storylines are never very intricate. There's a basic crime, we don't find out much about the criminal's motive, they are arrested and it's over.

Which would be fine, if we were paying more attention to the characters and giving them a bit of back-story. But I still know next to nothing about all of them! Swarek: was undercover, dated the station nurse, cared about his informant… nothing else. McNally: has a drunk ex-cop dad, dates Luke…nothing else. Dov: had hippie parents that got divorced, isn't a ladies man… Traci: has a kid, dates that guy who shaved his moustache

It's like we know a little surface info about everyone but not enough to care about them! They should at least try the "Lost" approach and focus on one character for a full episode. Then we might get a little under the surface.

Also, they are doing the worst job creating romantic tension!!! Swarek and McNally would be awesome together but you can't hook them up so soon! The writers should add more cute moments between them each episode. I feel very deprived. Clearly that romance is the main one in the show but they don't give it enough time to blossom.

And what the hell is with her and Luke? That happened way too quickly. Same with Gail and Chris. It's called romantic tension and it's the whole reason why people watch shows like this! They certainly don't explore the crimes enough for it to be about them. It's all about the relationships, but they are doing a shitty job developing them so far!

So last night's episode was okay and much better than the other ones, but I wish they would get better writers or something. I love this show and the premise and the characters, but it could be so much better!

Also, what's with the crimes being wrapped up so abruptly and easily? Kind old man hits a guy with his car-- nope he's actually an angry murdering pedophile. Mean terrorist guy selling police killing bullets-- but he's a loving brother! It's just so ridiculous sometimes.

I give it props though for being Canadian. Because usually Canadian shows are the worst, but this one is pretty good.


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