'Parks and Recreation' - 'Bus Tour': Leslie Knope's last stand


After the great heights "Parks and Recreation" reached last week with "The Debate," the follow-up was maybe inevitably due for a letdown. "Bus Tour," the final episode before the season-capping election, wasn't quite that good.Considering that "The Debate" is probably going on our best comedy episodes list at the end of the year, though, that's hardly a putdown for Thursday's (May 3) episode. The show had to put the election back in doubt at least a little if we're to believe there's a chance Leslie might not win, and her press-conference gaffe about Bobby Newport's late father, and Jen's subsequent exploitation of it, does just that.It was just how we got there, with the reporter's "I meant how do you feel about him dying" and then the slapsticky disaster with the bus at the Newport mansion, that didn't quite work. (The equally silly stuff with Andy-as-Bert-Macklin investigating the pie incident, though? Fantastic -- but Andy's...



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