Community Recap: The Greendale Seven

Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with what Community’s throwing at us. There are references stacked inside references like Russian dolls; winks to moments that flashed by onscreen the first time, let alone the second time, and if you weren’t paying close enough attention six months ago, you’re totally lost. In last night’s episode, Britta pointed out something pretty dumb, to which Jeff replied, "You seemed so much smarter than me when I met you." Now, it was still a pretty funny thing to say to a person, but knowing how the pilot episode shook out — Jeff was the dense sleazy guy and Britta was on to his tricks from minute one — only served to show how far Community has come. If you’ve been paying attention the whole time. And they say this show isn’t accessible!

But no matter how the show’s chameleonlike tone shakes out on an episode-by-episode basis, there’s always one constant: the study group. They might be flinging paintballs at one another or entertaining their friend’s Claymation delusions, but they’re always ready to lend an ear and a few nuggets of wisdom. And sure, they couldn’t be more different from one another, what with a religious mom and an adorable ex-jock man-child in their midst, but Community is about the triumph of their friendship above all else. Even I, the harshest of critics (and I say this as someone who greatly enjoys the show even though I have some misgivings about it, which according to some commenters makes me on par with Britta at being THE WORST!), cannot deny the appeal of the group’s affable chemistry. Read More...


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