30 Rock Recap: The Queen of Jordan Returns

Last week, we got 30 Rock’s second live episode. This time around, it’s the show’s second episode set entirely inside a reality show. Both concepts felt clever and vital when they debuted in season five, but while the live show only improved with repetition, "Queen of Jordan 2" wasn’t quite able to surpass its predecessor.

That’s okay: "Queen of Jordan" might just be unsurpassable. That episode revealed that 30 Rock’s writers and producers have been watching a ton of Bravo. The attention to detail was breathtaking, and the humor was derived largely from the accuracy of the parody. This time around, the details were equally funny — the writers’ credit with "written by" in quotes was a great touch — but they weren’t surprising. (Except for that Game of Thrones spoiler, which may legitimately surprise the hell out of people who haven’t finished season one. When does it become acceptable to talk about that stuff? Sorry, that’s probably an off-topic discussion question for this recap.) Read More...



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