The Office Recap: Filthy Beast

The ratings, quality, and future of The Office have all been hotly debated recently, but NBC gave it a supersize 24-episode season anyway. So to help pad out a season that’s already struggled with ongoing plotlines, The Office recycled one of its best story arcs, which in fairness might be better for the environment anyway.

Andy apparently has nothing better to do (like, say, look for another job) than to go to his old workplace and make lunch for people. Even if not everyone appreciates his culinary skills. "Why is it when other people spend all the time at the office they’re rewarded for it, but when I do it ‘it’s a little much’?" After getting dressed down, again, by Robert California, Andy discovers that the Binghamtom branch of Dunder Mifflin was unexpectedly closed down the night before, and all their old clients are in play. Tired of feeling pathetic all the time, Andy outmaneuvers sudden best buds Jim and Dwight (nothing makes people closer than a fraud scheme) and Syracuse salesman Harry (played by HBO regular Chris Bauer, hewing closer to Frank Sobotka belligerence than Andy Bellefleur buffoonery) to win the business of the Eastern Seaboard’s finest junk-mail providers. Read More...


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