The LA Complex “Who You Know” Review – Rejection, Rejection, Rejection!

It seems like the theme for The LA Complex this week was rejection. Not only rejection by agencies, but rejection with personal relationships as well.

After the shocking conclusion of last week’s episode, The LA Complex picks up pretty much right where we left off – with Tariq (Benjamin Charles Watson) and King. Only King kicks Tariq out of his house faster than the poor intern can pick up his clothes, and then back at the studio acts like nothing ever happened between the two of them… which understandably upsets Tariq. To make matters worse, the poor kid gets kicked out of the studio since King seems to dislike him so much. That’s rejection number one.

Raquel (Jewel Staite) heads to her agency to pitch them her new script, only to be told that they were dropping her as a client. Apparently two years of not working is two years too many, even if your agent is the one telling you to turn down specific roles. Rejection number two. Read More... 


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