NCIS “Up in Smoke” Review – Distractions Prove Disastrous

In tonight’s episode of NCIS, called "Up in Smoke," the team gets closer to Dearing and closer to what his ultimate goal is. The trouble is that they don’t realize that goal until it’s too late.

The episode starts when Agent Dorneget goes to the dentist and finds that there’s a bug in his mouth. And we’re not talking the little creatures with six legs and antennae. We’re talking about the kind that people use to listen to other people’s conversations. Turns out Dearing wanted ears at NCIS and he used Dorneget to do it.

As they follow the leads in the case, they come across clues that make them think that Dearing has built faulty ammunition and is planning to send it out into the fleet. This of course would cost many people their lives and the team jumps all over it. Trouble is, that’s not what he’s planning at all. Dearing gave them all those leads so that he could go after his real target – Director Vance. Read More... 


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