Private Practice “True Colors” Review

Sheldon is back! I know it’s intriguing that Sheldon had a mystery ex-wife, and going on an epic vacation with said ex-wife could yield a lot of fun stories, but no one thought to mention the brain-less baby of his beloved until she walked through the door? People pull clueless friends aside to warn them about a mutual friend’s bad hair cut or ill-fitting dress so they won’t be caught off guard and stare in horror. But Sheldon is told, and his return brings back angry, lashing out Amelia. Thanks for that Sheldon.

The patient problem of the night was completely unsettling. You weren’t suppose to hate the pervy dad because it wasn’t his fault, because you could tell the fact he was attracted to his daughter was killing him. Still, there’s a gut reaction to despise an incestuous pedophile. I found the fact that his wife came back so quickly to be the most surprising development; brain scaring or no not a lot of people would be able to get past the whole I like seeing my daughter in the shower thing.

Adding to the list of tropes that cam back tonight I had previously thought the show had finally, mercifully finished with, Addison seems to be caught between Sam and Jake yet again. Jake is reliable and reasonable, but Sam is just so conveniently placed. I’m pretty sure if she was going to make a pro-con list (which might be a more valuable use of her time with her shrink than talking about the metaphor of the trash pile in the ocean) she would list Sam’s proximity to her house as his biggest pro. But Sam’s still ultimately emotionally unavailable, so she returns to Jake’s lips, which at least seems to mean nothing is going to happen between him and Amelia. That’s a relief. Read More... 


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