Glee “Prom-asaurus” Review

It’s prom season again. This time last year, the student body of McKinley High banded together and elected Kurt prom queen as way to show their support of…sorry…can’t finish that sentence. They were evil. This year, Quinn and Santana went toe to toe for the title in "Prom-saurus," this week’s episode ofGlee.

Having failed her audition to what is apparently the only performing arts school in New York City, Rachel lost her stuff when she realized that her fiancee was probably going to be elected prom king alongside his wheelchair-bound ex-girlfriend. In protest of not getting to be the center of attention, she decided to organize an anti-prom, which in TV shows has historically been a thousand times better than the real prom…but that was before Britney’s dinosaur-themed dance. If this was South Glen South, they would have won best prom. (Kudos if you get that reference, btw.) Read More... 


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