Person of Interest 1.21 'Many Happy Returns' Review

It’s John Reese’s birthday and this week’s episode had Finch trying to give him the greatest gift of all—keeping him from committing a very immoral act to a very immoral perpetrator. Along the way the rest of Reese’s personal back-story was fleshed out. Detective Carter even had a moment where she tried to be Reese’s conscious and learned that maybe he’s not what people think he is anymore.

By now we’ve seen that while Reese has no issue with resorting to violent tactics to get the job done there are definitely certain types of case scenarios where he may just go too far. Previously this season there was an end sequence that asked the viewer to come to their own conclusion about Reese’s capacity to kill a man during his Machine cases. Albeit, one who was after a woman and would have killed her himself had Reese not gotten there first. The episode drew to black with the question mark lingering and many likely assumed that he did just that. No answer was given for that particular episode but ‘Many Happy Returns’ showed that it can go either way with John Reese. Read More...


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