'In Plain Sight' series finale: Messy is what you need


"In Plain Sight" is a USA show, so going into Friday's (May 4) series finale, it's not like we were expecting something other than a happy ending.We got one, but it wasn't the wrapped-up-in-a-bow, walk-into-the-sunset kind of happy ending. It was instead an ending that suggests everybody will wake up tomorrow and their lives will continue to play out -- imperfectly, most likely. Given everything that's been thrown at Mary Shannon over five years, that's the kind of ending that feels right for her and the show. The finale wisely didn't reach for a big, action-packed episode -- the witness-of-the-week story, in fact, felt almost like the B-plot -- and instead let us say our goodbyes -- or farewells, to use Marshall's word -- at a measured, even leisurely pace.We're curious to hear what you thought of Marshall and Mary finally having The Talk on the balcony. The will they-won't they vibe between them has...



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