Supernatural 7.21 Review: Angels, Demons and Prophets, Oh My!

As much as I enjoyed this week’s Supernatural, I can already tell it might be polarizing.  Dealing with one of the key relationships of the show (the one between Castiel and the Winchesters...Dean in particular), it has the ability to upset a few fans.  But before we get to that, let’s summarize what happened.

Kevin Tran, This is Your Life

This week’s Supernatural ventured heavily back into religious territory, which I rather enjoyed.  The Winchesters broke through the clay block they stole from Dick and found an old-looking tablet with strange writing.  The reveal of this object also ignited a large storm.  Other than causing every pregnant woman to give birth, the storm also caused two significant events: (1) Castiel woke up in the mental hospital, with Meg watching over him, and (2) a high school student named Kevin Tran was struck by lightening and made into an unwilling prophet. Read More...


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