Fringe Review: Olivia Dunham - Superhero!

Well now. Was that the shortest hour of television in the history of television or did I somehow miss half of "Brave New World, Part 1"? The last few episodes have all been quite similar in that respect. Before I have time to wrap my head around the enormity of what's happening, the credits roll! That's an incredible combination of my somewhat thick skull and the extraordinary craft that goes into making an episode of Fringe.

We were duped!
I  have to give credit to producers who can hold a press conference and successfully retain the big secrets. As a writer, I've come to trust Joel Wyman and Jeff Pinkner when they say something, so I didn't think twice during a recent Fringe interview when they said they had so far been unsuccessful in begging Leonard Nimoy to return to acting and had resorted to planting signs in his yard. A slight exaggeration, maybe. But when a legend in his field retires, to come back is one hell of a nod the material being written for him. Read More...


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