'Fringe' Recap: A Bishop Falls

It's the first part of a two-part Fringe finale tonight and all is bittersweet. The end of season four is near, yet there are so many answers to open-ended questions to learn! I don't know if I'd rather look away to prolong the inevitable or face my fears head on. I guess I should ask myself, "WWWD?" Translation being, "What Would Walter Do?" Clever, right? Walter Bishop has a childlike nature as seen through most of the season, yet as a leader amongst his Fringe family, Walter has definitely stepped up to the plate. Tonight, audiences will see even more from this lovable character.

Last week, the bridge between both universes was closed. We waved goodbye to Lincoln Lee and the alternate Fringe Division, but welcomed the end to the supposed reign of terror from ultimate bad guy David Robert Jones. Tonight's episode will require that Walter return to the dark times in his life, forcing him to face his issues head on in order to help explain an event that causes people to spontaneously combust.



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