'Girls' Recap: From Bad Sex To Bad Sexts

Note: Do not read on if you have not seen Season 1, Episode 4 of HBO's "Girls," entitled, "Hannah's Diary."

It was only a matter of time before Adam sent Hannah a picture of his disgusting junk, but some people really need to learn sexting etiquette. Upon receiving the grossest text message of her life, Hannah responds in the only way that seems apropos: "Oh my god. Oh my god!"

Charlie, of course, has an inappropriate response. "I feel like I can smell it through the phone." Ew. Let's not say things like that, Charlie. It's making whatever sympathy I feel toward you diminish at a rapid pace. However, the fun at Adam's expense doesn't last long because she gets another text -- and sadly, for Hannah, it's not "his asshole wearing a friendship bracelet." Nope. It's much worse.

"SRY that wasn't for you." First of all, like Hannah, I really hate grammatically incorrect text messages. Who doesn't have time to spell "sorry" correctly? It's only two extra letters? Does that really save you that much time? Second of all, what a sleazeball. Read More...



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